24 January 2006

Jingoism Or Jingleism?

The networks of NBC are ad-blitzing their viewers in advance of the upcoming Winter Olympics from Turin, Italy.
The fun part of these ads is that they are hyping "the greatest team America has ever produced." Now you know that I am a flagwaver of the first degree, but I'm just pissed that NBC advertises and will then broadcast these games with a fullblown Pro American spin. Now this will happen at a network that the news division tells us, daily, how much we Americans need to support the rest of the world's efforts to stop the COWBOY MENTALITY IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Now why are they doing this, CA-CHING.
Remember even the staunchest Socialist will sing the National Anthem if the money is right, or there, or right there.
It's all about the Benjamins.

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