16 February 2006

Peggy You're Loosing It.

In today's WSJ Peggy Noonan has this piece about the media frenzy known here as Quailgate.

Now in the past I have loved most of what Ms. Noonan has written since leaving the employ of RWR, but after this she is beginning to act more and more like another Reagan alumna David Gergin.
But with deep incites like:

But what are they thinking that they're not saying? Here's a hunch, based not on any inside knowledge but only on what I know of people who practice politics, and those who practice it within the Bush White House.
I suspect what they're thinking and not saying is, If Dick Cheney weren't vice president, who'd be a good vice president? ...
Why would they be thinking about this?
It's not the shooting incident itself, it's that Dick Cheney has been the administration's hate magnet for five years now. Halliburton, energy meetings, Libby, Plamegate. This was not all bad for the White House: Mr. Cheney took the heat that would otherwise have been turned solely on George Bush... at a certain point a hate magnet can draw so much hate you don't want to hold it in your hand anymore, you want to drop it, and pick up something else. Is this fair? Nah. But fair has nothing to do with it.
This is a White House that likes to hit refresh when the screen freezes. Right now the screen is stuck, with poll numbers in the low 40s, or high 30s.

Sorry Peggy, it is beginning to look like you've been in Washington too long. This is the kind of "Inside Baseball" crap that I would expect from a "moderate Republican" hack, not someone who was right there, pushing the ideas that lead the revolution that changed this country for the better.
The Gipper would not be proud.
Please reconsider this thought and come back to the winning side.
Remember we have won, recently and we will continue to win if everyone keeps fighting for the same victorious endgame.

This is not an Administration that worries about who the next President is, as long as that man (or smart, goodlooking Stanford educated woman) stands by the present course to bring freedom and Democracy to the rest of the world. If it was Dick Cheney would have been asked to step down during the '04 Presidential race, to set-up the next race in '08. That didn't happen so...

Please Peggy think about what you've said here and recant, we'll still love you.

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