13 February 2006

Hunting Accident As National Scandal.

In one of the great WTF moments in the history of stupidity, the LSM has its collective (pun intended) panties in a twist over the Veep's mishap with a quail gun.

Who cares?

Isn't it about time that the supersmarties that "report" for the Big Nets and Big Dailies realize that: We don't care how much they think that the Bush/Cheney Administration is vial and nasty, they've won TWO national elections, and there are no more chances to defeat them at the polls.
Get over it, you lost, we won, deal with it and MOVE ON.

Jonah has a great point on The Corner about what should happen if The Fat Swimmer gets on the Senate floor
to denounce Cheney's accident reporting protocols

Read it and giggle.

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