13 April 2005

Bolton and the RINO

John Bolton continues to be attacked by the LSM, but here in little old Rhode Island we have seen a ray of hope. Our very own RINO Lincoln (I'm a Republican becasuse of my name) Chafee looks as i fhe will not be in the Democranks corner to stop the nomination from getting to the floor.
He says that he belives that POTUS should be able to get the people he nominates to the posts that he nominates them to.
This is a welcome surprise from what we are used to around here. But we have to wait and see if it is just him protecting his job. More on that later.

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Rocky Mtn Lioness said...

I think Mr. Bolton's a good pick, but his opponents resent him mostly for being so horribly non PC in his whiney 80's pop hits. [i.e. "When A Man Loves A Woman".] (They're also terribly suspicious he's hiding more VRWC paraphenalia---or Usama bin Hidin--- in his moustache.)

When Bolton gets the post, the obstructionist posse'[still in resentful-payback mode for Gore not succeeding in stealing the 2000 election] will take some of that handy Sorosatan money he's been droppin' them and pay Babs Streisand to record her own PC version of the Percy Sledge original.

Terrorists are certainly not winning the hearts and minds of newly democratized Iragi's, but they definitely have friends & pale skinned comrades in the "west"...... side of the senate....the ones who underneath their expensive suits are probably wearing their new, appropriately YELLOW, cafe press "Kill Bush" t-shirts!

George Son Of Satan Soros could just take all that American pillfered loot of his and move the whole lot of the anti-Bush orgy back to HIS side of the big pond. But there's probably contractsout on his head there.

Just my NSHO.