14 April 2005

Bolton and the RINO part 2

Could it be that even Linc Chafee gets it?
Every member of the LSM is focused on changing his vote, or on why he won't. This is the same media that will spare no ink in taking him down next November, so that both the Senate seats in Little Rhody are in the hand of the Dems.
There is a battle starting here in RI to see who will be the man to take the seat from the Chafee clan. This will be met with the usual hushed comments about how wonderful and righteous (in the "good liberal" sense of the word) the challenger is.
Linc, who I usually disagree with, will be trying his best to keep a Conservative Republican from running against him in the Primary. And don't be surprised if the White House and the RNC put their support behind Chafee, ala Arlen "what was they thinking?" Spector, if and when the 2006 Primaries roll around.


Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

Oh don't mind me, I was just checking to see if I had been banned yet from your blog, having left so many random snark droppings.

My visit also gave me an excuse to put my spell checker to work. WHEW! I just had to perform CPR on it after such a grueling workout. Poor SC baby.

In this GWOT, rather than going into Iran or NorK, would it not be far more expedient & prudent for our troops to invade the *west* side of the Senate? I'm guessing most of them would refuse pay just to have the opportunity to *liberate* THIS country!!

jimmytheleg said...

Spell Check I can't aford spell check.

jimmytheleg said...

Re: the liberation of the "west" end of the Senate floor. I think there are still a couple of fellow travelers left on the "Eastern" side of the aisle.

There are times that I fully agree with what Winston Churchill said about Democracy. It is the worse system know to man, except for all the others.

jimmytheleg said...

Also have you noticed the mimi blogroll that i built to the right of my postings?

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

"Also have you noticed the mimi blogroll that i built to the right of my postings?"==JTL

Uhm Jimmy, the answer to that would be "yes"-- IF you were asking about your mini blog roll, but I guess I missed your mimi *blogroll*. At least no one could accuse you of not being the....uhm....oh....err....*adventurous* type. (~;).

Oh and about your newbie blog budget---perhaps you could find yourself a special spell checker through e-harmony. I believe the personality profile is free. heh!