02 December 2005

Lies From Al-Reuters / Truth From Black Five

Blackfive has a great post from Uncle Jimbo (no relation).
He talks about the reaction to the "news" that the government is paying for advertisements in Iraqi newspapers to tell the Iraqis the truth about what is happening in their country, while repeating a story about the capture of Ramadi by the insurgents.
The story reported by our 'friends" at al-Reuters, completely misrepresents the facts about a battle in that city. And like all good lies, each retelling grew further and further from the truth.

Here is my take left as a comment at Blackfive

We should expect nothing less from people who have written the story in
their head before they get to "the quote/unquote scene of the crime."I thank you
guys for keeping the heat on these sorry excuses for humanity. Maybe they will
finally get the hint that we don't need them any more, we get our news unfiltered
thanks to the internet and the blog-o-sphere.

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