02 December 2005

Democratic Response

This is a letter DaddyHam sent to his local newspaper, The Newport Daily News.

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Subject: Democratic response

Yesterday, the White House published a 35 page missive entitled "Victory in Iraq". It's a great outline of a cohesive plan for achieving ultimate success in the conflict against the insurgents and seeing a friendly democratic government in that uneasy part of the globe. Of course, the usual suspects quickly jumped in front of TV cameras to tell us how much nothing the President's speech and his blueprint for victory contained.
What I found most interesting is that most of these leaders of the "loyal" opposition had the same excuse for voting to go to war before coming out against it. They were all duped. Duped. Bamboozled. Hornswaggled. Fooled. However you care to describe it, they all claim that resident George W. Bush whom the Left believes to be a complete dolt pulled the wool over their eyes. So lets talk about this. The smartest woman to ever serve in the U.S. Senate (Hillary Rodham Clinton) was fooled. Fooled and intimidated! The greatest war hero to ever serve in the U. S. Senate (John Forbes Kerry) was hoodwinked by a man he clearly believes to be his intellectual inferior. Now, these two both want to be President. I don't know about you but I don't think I want someone who can be fooled by a dolt sitting in the big chair. I think the Left really needs to clarify their stance. Is George Bush an amiable dunce or is he a Machiavellian genius.
You can't have it both ways. In case you are wondering how our own intrepid delegation responded, Linc Chafee (R) Virginia, also swallowed the koolaid and decried the plan as greatly wanting. Wave in the rearview mirror Senator, that's Steve Laffey pulling up behind you. Senator Jack Reed of course said whatever Chuck Shumer told him to say. I suggest you log onto and see the plan for yourself and then you decide.

Michael W Hamilton
Portsmouth, RI

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