20 November 2005

Once More With Feeling

Hell No, We Shouldn't Go!!

The left loves to cut and run from promises, that the US makes. Even when those promises were made by them.
Remember Vietnam?
A war begun and ramped up by Cold War Liberal Democrats. The truth of the matter is this LBJ's lies lead to alot more dead American soldiers, then anything that Bush said based on Clinton era intel.
Think about it, total dead, 58,226 and wounded: 153,303, in a 12 year conflict. While the 2000 total US dead in the 2+ years of conflict is not even close. More Americans died in the first DAY at Gettysburg then have died in Iraq, helk more Americans died in three days at that Pennsylvania death trap then died in Vietnam.
If you want to talk lies, what about the Gulf of Tonkin?
Damn it, the LSM played right along with the lie because it suited their goals, of keeping a Democrat in power, and giving him the power to fight Communism. But then things changed, the vision of Liberal American cooperation with the Cold War died, and with it support for what we were doing in Southeast Asia.
Most of America believed we were doing the right thing helping keep Uncle Ho and his friends from taking over the South, but since a bunch of snot nosed pampered college deferment brats were getting their views all over the media, it looked as if the whole nation agreed.

It didn't then, and it still doesn't.

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