04 October 2005

Conservative Vs. Original

Okay I can sort of understand the argument of some conservatives against the President's latest choice for SCOTUS, but let's step back from the brink for a moment and look at this through the true prism of what we want.

First let us agree that judicial Activism is the problem, not just Liberalism.

Next, just because Harriet Miers is not a conservative activist, doesn't mean she's a bad choice.

It is the role of the court to interpret the law, not write it.

We have to accept, on face value the word of not just President Bush, but John Leo and Martin Olasky, two of the smartest men in America when it comes to issues of Original Intent. They both know this woman and they both say she is what we need on the bench. That is good enough for me.

Next, there is the call to "go to the mattresses" over the SCOTUS choice. To force the Dem's to stand up and attack the President's nominee. Yea great plan, let's have a fight against a lock stepping bunch of liberals, with such stalwart party members as George "boo hoo" Voinovich, "missing" Link Chaffee, "The Girls From Maine", Arlen "thanks for the money, now go away" Spector. Yea that sounds like fun. NOT!!!!

Lastly the big bugaboo from both sides of the aisle seams to be Ms. Miers' lack of experience on the bench.
So What!!! Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist was an Assistant Attorney General under President Nixon when he was chosen. He turned out alright.

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