14 June 2005

Protest For The Sake Of Protest

The most vile human Fred Phelps, he of the myopic version of the Bible, is planning on protesting at the funeral of a young Idaho Reservist killed in Iraq.

Carrie French, 19, will be buried Wednesday with full military honors; the funeral is expected to draw a large gathering of friends, family members and media, her father said

"It's going to be big," he said

This world class ASSHAT will be declaring that this young lady died because God is mad that "his" (Phelps') church was bombed 6 years ago, 911 happened because of the same thing. This clown beliefs that God is on his side.

I'm sorry if God is on this guys side where does that leave the rest of us?

All I can say is it is a good thing for Phelps that this funeral is not closer to my home, because there would be a small contingent of friends, willing to remind him what Americans will and will not put up with.

Thanks (I think) to cptham for telling me about this. For further info go to The Mudville Gazette. Thanks


Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

You wannna see my claws and fangs extended quickly? Then just name the name of the ne plus ultra in UNChrist-like, pharisitical, bible thumpin' bigotry: Fred Phelps.

I can't begin to explain the sense of pure evil (oxymoron?) that exudes from his hellishly hateful website. *shudder*

Jesus Himself said he came to show what God is like in seeking and saving the "lost". Mr. Phelps, like the leftist media with (percieved) political points earned with body bags from the WOT, seems to take pleasure in the deaths of the lost. That's a "sheperd" that is a virtually registered people abuser!!!

That church chump WILL be held accountable for the "sheep" he's mislead and abused, quite frankly. He has YET to connect with the clue bat as to what the answer is to: "WWJD?"
It's likely he's been wearing his bracelet upside down all these years....not to mention, from his lofty judgment seat, reading his bible upside down!!

Talk about thee APEX example of which to point to in show and tell as to" "That's NOT Jesus!"

What a tool of the anti-Christian leftists, too....little does the white washed tombstone full of dead mens bones KNOW that he's a pawn of hell!!!.

And you heard THAT rant from a *bible thumpin' Jesus Freak*

OK..I'll take a few deep breaths now!

Mr. Phelps:

Psalm 73:6
Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.

Proverbs 11:2
When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.
Proverbs 16:18
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 29:23
A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.

Nuff said???

P.S. For cathartic purposes, I might just copy/paste this over at Greyhawks. GRRRRRRRR!

jimmytheleg said...

The type of rant that you just let out is exactly what I would expect from someone who does know what the bible say, and who follows (to the best of her human ablility) said bible.

Thanks for a well said rant, and for some great on target pieces from The Word.
Now if only those where laser sighted and high explosive, oh I know that they will be when Phelps meets his maker.
I refuse to put even the honorific Mr. before this asshat's name and I will not refer to him as any kind of minister or preacher, except as a preacher of hate.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

Ya know, I don't particularly want to be a pharisee about not being a in my heart of hearts, it is with "righteous indignation" that I point out Fred "Misguided, Self Righteous" Phelps is doing far more to plunder heaven and populate hell than vice versa!! God is not amused and DEFINITELY not impressed!

What Fred & followers actions are SAYING is that Jesus' brutal death (in OUR place)---is/was not enough! They virtually spit on the cross!

Thanks JTL.