09 June 2005

The Michael "Meathead" Stivic Of The Week Award

Starting this week we will attempt to find the Leftwing Meathead of the Week.
The winner will be the public asshat who has stood out the most this week as one of the dumber members of the bunch of losers I love to call "the usual suspects".
Why the Michael Stivic Award? As you may or may not remember, Meathead was the not so lovable loser son-in-law to Archie Bunker, on All In The Family. Now to the leftist cadre that created, produced, wrote, and appeared in the show, Meathead was the lone intellectual in Archie's bigoted right wing world.
The only problem: Michael Stivic was a typical member of the left, who thought he was smarter than the working stiffs who built this country.
This week I'm nominating the winner, but from now on if we do continue to get readers, I will ask you to make your own nominations, which I will think about and then ignore.

And the winner is:

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus's judicial nominations committee, for this stellar quote.

"that being a poor little colored girl from the segregated South is a qualification to go onto the federal courts."

"We would sooner have a rich white guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth" than Justice Brown.

I've talked about this crap in an earlier post, and had some comments, so this was the natural way to start this new weekly post.


Altitudinous Feline said...

you said "crap"! hehehe

Hey, why not the prestigous honor go to the "real [out of touch w/reality] life" *Michael* sometime. Reiners maniacal due left mantra is hardly any different than that of his Bunker character--except that it's more acerbic, louder,loonier and less tolerant of the *intolerant*.

As for this weeks honorary, token black member of the Nat'l Organism of Wildebeests (NOW), well...the enlightened know that for "citizens" of the the Leftern Hemisphere it's:

Free Speech for me, but not for thee if thee disagrees with me.

Racism for me, but not for thee, even if thee is the same race as me, but right of me.

The whacky DNC needs a new logo. Not that a jackass isn't apropos, but what's the graphic for a HYPOCRITE?

jimmytheleg said...

I left Cal "Meathead" Reiner off because he didn't say anything stupid this week that I heard, so...

jimmytheleg said...

That sould be Carl.

I've said it before and I will say it again, preview is your friend.

that tall cattitudish CO chic said...

Isn't it Rob Reiner who's the loud mouth pro anything anti-decency who played meathead?. Is Carl his other brother.

[Homeland Sarcasm Advisory System: RED alert]:
I follow follywood SO closely for their RICH philosophical, moral, spiritual input, you'd think I know these things.
[Homeland Sarcasm Advisory System: GREEN alert]

jimmytheleg said...

Rob Carl who care they are all Hollyweird family.
Carl is the old man.
Rob is the fat son.

One of these days my brain will catch up with my typing fingers and then watch out world.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

"One of these days my brain will catch up with my typing fingers and then watch out world."


It will be akin to the shock and awe at my dog NOT trippin' out with "separation anxiety" when I leave the house!

In that case it's:

Shih Tzu-namiiiii!!!!!