16 May 2005

Filibuster This

When I think of filibusters, I still have the image of Jimmy Stewart panting and sweating on the floor of the Congress, pushing the point that anyone can make good legislation if they try hard enough to block the evil cabal in the leadership. Corruption can be rooted out by stopping the corrupt work of a few, who don't have the will of the majority in their corner.

Well, what we have had for the last 4 years is nothing like that.
We have had a minority holding the will of the majority up to a standard that has never been used before. We are watching a disgruntled group of election losers fight and re-fight the battles that they lost, with the same results, until...

They had a plan. And it worked for 2 years. Keep the Senate majority from being able to vote on the choices that the ELECTED President had sent to the body of the government whose only job in this case, is to Advice and Consent.

Finally, the Republican majority is going to act like they have a pair, and that they have been gaining seats every election since 2000! Good luck to the good guys, it will be fun to see the President's choices sitting on appellate courts across this great land.

  • Here is a wonderful editorial from The WSJ about this very subject.
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