26 April 2005

Welcome Aboard daddyham a.k.a. cptham

So, I won't be the only one talking to myself here.
Well things could be worse, it could be the Rocky Mountain Lioness writing here when she feels like it.
Ducking and running, because she always knows when people are talking about her.

1 comment:

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...


And I just dropped by so you wouldn't feel so alone, only to be backhanded by "some brute".

Fine...I'll just run along now.

Personally, IMNSHO, you're afraid of being bested by a (this altitudinous) fine, feisty, and fastidious femme!

So as for you, the vertically challenged JTL~~~ talk to the paw, baby! (:p) phhhhbbbtttthhhhh!
NO hugs, NO kisses for you, ya mean spirited poopyhead!!
[Ignore mode: ON]

To Captain Ham Daddy OIR Vet Stud: HIGH (claws retracted) PAWS!! I bet YOU have a spell checker, at least! ΓΏ

Well, I can't very well wipe the tears of rejection off my face with my fur sleeves! Gotta go *sniff* find some tissue. *sniff*