28 April 2005

A New Clear Energy Plan From The POTUS

Are you ready for all the noise that will come from the usual suspects regarding The President's call for energy independence? No? Well too bad because it has already started.
POTUS gave a speech yesterday afternoon, and that same night Sen. John Kerry (D - Vietnam) was heard saying that "this will do nothing to help people who are paying high gas prices now."
No Kidding Dork!
Hey, you want people to pay less for gas, let's start by lowering the Federal, State, County and sometimes City taxes that DOUBLE the price of gas for the "average consumer."

The President also called for the building of nuclear power plants and oil refineries.
Now that should be a healthy blast of urine in the cornflakes of the environmental wackos who spent the last 40 years keeping the growth rate of nuclear power down, while praising the socialist nations of Europe that get as mush as 70% of their power from atomic energy plants.
Also what will the small town Congressgeeks who are whining about base closing going to say when they hear that jobs will be coming back to these empty sites. Good paying jobs, filled with people who will vote for the party of the man who got these jobs going.

We need more visions like this from the White House, and fewer deals with Fat Teddy and his friends. But that was just my humble opinion.

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