08 November 2011

Why I Believe Mittens Isn't The RIGHT Choice.

I know, "the horse is dead, quit hitting it!"  But I just feel like not enough people have really thought it out.
The resurgence of Conservatism that we are still experiencing started with the signing of a bill that had to be passed so that we knew what was in it.

ObamaCare got it's start here!  With Mitten's "collaborator and friend" Senator Swimmer.

This will be the stone that the Media ties around the necks of EVERY conservative who will be running in state and local elections next November.  They will talk about the need to REPEAL ObamaCare, and their opponents and the MBM will keep harping on the fact that the man at the top of the ticket believes in the same thing.

AND it is the same thing, it is a system that tells people that they have to have insurance, it fines businesses that don't "help" their employees get insurance and it HAS NOT brought down the cost of medicine in Massachusetts.

The coattails will not reach down, because they are not there.  The media will make sure of that.

If Mittens is the nominee not only do I think that the SCoaMF will be re-elected, I think that there will be a Donk House and Senate for him to continue to destroy America.

I hope I'm wrong.

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Anonymous said...

As far as "vile" groups are concerned, one need look no further than a blog wherein the term "SCOAMF" is used in reference to the President of the United States.
There's this FoxNewsPundit-induced haze that has Republicans thinking that the whole country thinks Obama is a complete failure.

As per polling, he has been hovering within 50%. If Obama has 50% general approval in the country, and Mitt Romney can't even get 40% approval against the current jokester Republican field (sans Paul), in a state he lived in/next to, and campaigned in for years, that does not bode well. It's pretty obvious Paul votes won't gravitate towards Mitt in the general election, not to mention most "hardline conservatives" are already considering voting for Mitt a "hold your nose and vote" situation.

The "the anyone on this stage could beat Obama" line has been used repeatedly throughout the debates (I think I even heard Paul use it once, unfortunately), and it has no basis in fact.
RW sites are drowning in racist, Obama-hating reader comments?