23 August 2011


Here is a great piece from The American Spectator about Ron Paul.

They lay out the fake conservatism of this Neo-Liberal (great word) and show his true colors.

The most eye-opening part is this list of people whom the Ronulans DON'T think are TRUE Conservatives:

Ronald Reagan William F. Buckley, Jr. Antonin ScaliaSarah Palin Edwin Meese The Koch Brothers Clarence Thomas Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Mark Levin.

Read the piece to read the Paultard "reasons", as weak as they are.

Hey but he hates the Federal Reserve, so everything is okay, right?

His anti-semitism, who care?

His anti-military stands, who cares?

His 9/11 trutherism, who cares?

Well frankly, I do.

Okay, I back!!

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