13 December 2010

Spend That Money Barak.

But the Republicans are the party of Big Money, I know this because the media tells me so.

The WaPo breaks this major story.

And even while talking about the President opting out of public funding for the '08 election cycle, they find a way to trash Republicans.
Just more news to add to the "what if Bush had done this pile."
Third, the growth of a shadow Republican Party of outside groups - epitomized by American Crossroads, which spent $70 million on the 2010 midterms - should help fuel Democratic donations to Obama.
Wow, a "shadow party" sound DANGEROUS!! And I love how they think that the money raised by the Independent Tea Party movement will cause Dems to give more. They didn't during the Mid-Terms, and they are more pissed at Bambi now than then.

Also I love this quote from one of the insiders:

One Obama fundraiser points to the difference between 2012 and 2008, when the absence of an incumbent candidate meant open primaries on both sides: "We will have very few events that drive online spikes, and the president probably won't do as many events as even Bush in 2003 and 2004."

Watch out guys, Bush was still somewhat popular with the base of the party in '03-4, this guy not so much.

Just more news to add to the "what if Bush had done this pile."

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