14 April 2010

Things Are Tough All Over

It has been a while since I've posted because between work (or lack of) and F'd up home stuff, I find I would rather play poker on facebook then think.

Well that ends today.

Everything still sucks, but I need to vent about ZeroDeathCare (A.K.A. ChapaquidickCare) and all the other horseshit coming out of Washington and the RI Statehouse.

So I will do my level best to get out here and voice my discontent, not that anyone else is listening, but I need to do it.

I'll be at the RI Tea Party tomorrow after I get out of work, that should be fun. I'm sure to run into a crap load of old "friends" out to disrupt the goings on. Because we all know that when the left can't win an argument with reason and facts, they resort to lies and Ailinsky (I know same thing)!!!!!

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