06 February 2009

Can This Party Be Saved?

Probably not, but let's try something.

What we need is to do to the Republican party is what the Left started in the 80's to the Dem party.

Infiltrate from below.

Get on committees that make decisions for the party.

Work on the planning groups that set up the future of the party.

There are no more conservative Dems left, they have been tossed out by the same people who got The One into the White House.

We can do this, if we have the balls to do it.


Anonymous said...


I was just purging out some of my bazillion $timulu$ package matched amount of bookmarked websites and saw you were indeed CURRENTly in bidness! Well, how's about THAT?

Your Fabulous Feline-esque Dogging you Friend in the Righteously Rad Rocky Mountains of Madness. ;-)

And don't act like ya don't know me~ Loving regards to Heidi, da' Boy, Colonel Ham (Ok..I'm getting ahead of myself) and his keeping up with the Duggards ? brood!
Lotsa love and NO kisses,
El's Belles

jimmytheleg said...

Darn you found me.

Hey there CKC hope you enjoy the new and improved rant machine. I just know that the next four years will give me plenty to write about.