27 January 2009

Sara PAC

The MooseKiller and Former Mayor of a town larger than Barry's State rep district has launched a site to get money and info out there for the RIGHT part of the party.
I have provided a link in my list o links.
Go, now, sign up and be happy.


Anonymous said...

She needs to get a life. What a pathetic bozo

jimmytheleg said...

Yo, A Non A Moose, at the top of this blog there is a little rant. The last line of which is, "If you like it tell your friends, if you don't, keep your opinions to yourself"

So take your size 17 red shoes and go drink a non fat soy double caffe grande mint mochachinno and giggle over pictures of YOUR President and leave me alone.

Thanks for Obama! said...

...and governor of the largest state with more mineral and oil deposits than all other states combined.

Amazing that someone who's website says "infinite universe" could be so limited as to spew the same Obama-loving hatred of Palin as every other bailout-loving douche.

Go enjoy my grandkids' money. Sure, my kids are under 3, but that doesn't stop you from leveraging their children's children's futures to pay out Wall Street.

I'd vote for Palin in a heartbeat if she just pointed out the obvious ways that the Democrats are screwing our future.

Thanks for the new boss, same as the old boss...just a prettier and more articulate grandstander.

Anonymous said...

By the way, are you a vegetarian? I hope so if you're whining about moosekilling but buying meat from inhumane conditions.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said get a life!

i would love to see yours?

she is the governor of a big state
has a beautiful family a wonderful husband and is a real person besides being beautiful herself
and best of all she is a real conservative regan would be proud of

please let me know what you have accomplished

would bet big money you get a goverment check of some kind

jimmytheleg said...


I'm a CONSERVATIVE, I have a link to Sara's PAC, I have links to a bunch of conservative posts.


The Moose killer line is in my mind a possitive thing. She has done more than Barry O ever did, and by the way as a full on carnivour I love moose burgers. Yumm!

Anonymous said...

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