26 May 2009

There'll Be No Borking Tonight.

So O'Bambi has choosen "the first hispanic woman, evah" to sit on SCOTUS.
Sonia Sotomayor a woman who believes that "minorities" are inherantly smarter than non-minorities. In other words she is smarter than me just because she is a hispanic female, well DUH! Of course that's true. I'm just a stupic white male conservative who believes that someone who wants to "interpret the Constitution wisely" is a dangerous harpy.
The Constitution is not a living breathing document, it is a blueprint for running the greatest Republic the world has ever seen, and yet it is being turned into a springboard for Judicial Activists and others who have grievences that they can't fix in Legislation or by Executive order.
There is a way to change the world folks, and the Courts are not that way. Read the Constitution. Read the Constitution and start working to stop this train wreck.
I forsee no Borking here.
Which is a shame.
Because even if she is just replacing another usless Lefty vote on the court. Her opinions will be read over at the MSM as great works of judicial briliance. Those who do not pay attention will just nod their heads and think "what a wise and wonderful man our President is for giving us this great Judicial light." To quote any old Jewish Grandmother, "FHEYH"

G-d help the USA.

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