21 April 2009

Race And Stupidity

Hey there clown boy.
I'm not talking about the performance artists with the clown hair who threw red foam noses at Iraninan President for Life Ahnajihadinutjob. I'm calling out the asshat who decided that having this racist piece of shit speak on April 20th was a great idea.
In case you are not sure of the reasons for this being a fucked-up date choice, think about the other big news story here in America yesterday.
It has been 10 years since two nut jobs wandered into Colombine High School and killed 13 students. These two, who as far as I'm concerned should have remained nameless, chose April 20 because of a particular birhtday boy for that day.
Adolph Fuckin Hitler (I'm pretty sure that was his whole name)
So great job UN in giving a Jew hating nut job a forum on the birth day of another Jew hating nut job.

To quote Vic over at AOSHQ, "Can we leave the UN NOW?"

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