12 February 2009

Not Just No, But HELL NO!!!

Newsweak cover says
We Are All Socialists Now

Thank you, Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas, for telling me what I believe.

Oh, and by the way, FUCK OFF!

A quick political bio, so that you will understand why I feel the way I do

I grew up in a Democratic house. First JFK'S and then LBJ's photo's hung in out dinning room. For one more week after Jan. 20, 1969 the big Texan stared at me from the wall while I ate dinner.
My personal politics moved slowly leftward, spured on by my moderate parents and their insistance that I study what I believed in and why.
Even when they hated my world view, they gave me room to fasten my own rope, as long as I thought about what I believed and didn't just jump willy nilly after the trends of the day.
I moved more and more leftward until I reached a point where I hated nearly everything that America stood for, and lived in utter paranoia about "the coming dark days under Reagan."
My hate for all things American got so bad that I remember saying that Leon Klingoffer deserved a bullet to the forehead, because he was a BUSINESS MAN! He was part of the ruling elite. Those words began to haunt me (they stil do) until I began to seriously question why I believed what it was that I belived in.
My parents had told me to think everyting through, and I finally started to do that. It wasn't until the Clinton years (damn I was thick-headed!) that I realized how wrong I had been.
As I looked I came to belive, that this Great Nation was not and never should be a utopia based on "what can you do for me", but a nation of people who ask "what can I do for you, and how can we work together on this."
I'm sure my parents would not be mad at my being a Coservative Republican now (well as long as I still never say nice things about RMN), but I know that having once been a Socialist, I say once again to the Fuckheads at Newsweek.


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