25 August 2008

A Great Piece Of Truth

Hat Tip to Michael Ledeen in The Corner.

Orson Scott Card has writen a damning piece about the comming death of the West. This was writen in responce to the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. His review of the upcomming election is as clear cut as anything the MSNBC crowd says is full of shit.

-If we elect a president who behaves like our intellectual elite, full of talk but afraid to take necessary action, slave to fashionable dogmas but incapable of questioning any of the dogmas of the Left, happy to let courts dictate against the will of the people, creating contempt for democracy, and unwilling to admit error even when the evidence of error is overwhelming, then we will deserve, as a people, the inevitable outcome.
-Solzhenitsyn is dead. His messages did not die with him. But if it is not heeded, what difference does it make that some of us keep trying to issue the warning?

-It can be argued that in America, democracy is already almost gone anyway. But what remains is worth defending to the last breath of possibility. Is this election that last breath?
I fear yes; I hope not. Meanwhile, too many Americans continue to think that empty slogans are a substitute for courage and honor.-

He makes some points that scare the heck out of me and yet, I know that there may be a chance to fix this,
I know that the author is a Sci-Fi author and may have a darker view of the future thenI do, but the chance that Obama will be Carter II is still there, let us just hope that his view of Carter II will not come true. The onl way to be sure, is to make sure it doesn't happen.

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