03 July 2007

The Crickets Are Everywhere

Hey did you know that Iran was having gas riots?
Did you hear that Iranian's are burning their gas stations?

Well no kidding, but thanks to Winston over at The Spirit of Man, now I do.
And if you read this, you do too.


Anonymous said...

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Princess of Colorado said...

Given the reputation you've attached to "Daddy Ham", I guess you didn't want HIM writing about gas riots out of concerns for...uhm.... combustibility....???

Imagine al qaeda and Iran duking it out w/one another? Take the innocent civilians who WANT some semblance of democracy, et al., out of the equation & wouldn't ya end up with one of those bible stories, where the enemy armies turned on one another and finished each other off. I'm good widdat!

Yeah, I know...I can see and hear it bowing down and nearly in tears chanting: "WE'RE NOT WORTHYYYYY" in response to my appearance at your blog. Oh just STOP IT! You're embarrassing me... (~;)

Hey...I just thought of something. When Michael Moore does a smiley face (I know...I know....since when does a perpetually pissed off socialist Dismalcrat ever smile..??..Just work with me...) IF he were to leave a smiley face would it be: ((({<;)..???