18 May 2007


This piece of compromise ( a word that should be a swear word for all conservatives now) is being sold as something that pisses off liberals and conservatives, so it must be OK.

That's what the MSM wants us to think. It ain't true.

Do you know that this DONE deal isn't even finished?
That the aids to the senior Senator from Massachusetts are still working on something that is supposed to be voted on soon?
No, well then read something other than CNN or MSNBC. Check out the rants over at the Corner, and keep following the links until you have all the info you need.
Call your Senators, unless like me you have a pair of useless Liberals, who follow in lock step with Chuckie Schumer and Teddy Kennedy.
But that is my own gripe.

And on top of that... oh forget about it.

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