14 December 2005

Tomorrow Iraq, The Day After ...?

One of the greatest moments in the history of the Middle East takes place tomorrow.

Millions of people of all belief systems will stand in line to vote.

Men and women together will stand in line to vote.

And they will do it without the fear that elections in the past always brought out. They will not be afraid of the ruler, they are not being given the choice between ONE MAN and no one else. They are getting the choice to choose a full time long running DEMOCRATIC government. And they will all gladly show their purple fingers to the world.

This morning I saw a clip of an Iraqi woman voting here in the United States. She was old and feisty. She looked right at the TV camera and said
Anyone who does not support what has been done by America and President Bush,

That seems to be the theme of this election and I love it.

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