06 December 2005

Dec 7 And The Modern Democrat's Response To War

Today is the 64th anniversary of the unprovoked attack by Japanese Fascists on the US, an attack that moblized the entire nation in a war against Japan and Germany.

Looking back on that day and on the way people reacted makes you wonder if people like John Phraud Kerrie, John "don't attack him, he's a war hero"Murtha,Hillary "I was intimidated" Rodham, and the rest of the liberal intelligentsia had been in charge of the "loyal" opposition.

Imagine the parade of "experts" on the radio telling a frustrated populous that we were at fault.

That we cut off the petroleum that Japan needed to wage it's "justified war" against the Anti-Communist Chinese government. After all the Japanese were just fighting a war brought on to them by outside influences.

Americans would been subjected daily to stories of how a cabal of Pro-Jewish Anti-German policy makers were forcing the government to fight the "misunderstood" Nazis. They would have been reminded daily of how the Nazis were trying to rebuild a nation ravaged by unfair taxation imposed on them by the "imperialist war mongers" who defeated Germany in the previous war.

If the war had been allowed to go forward Americans would have heard daily about the training and battlefield deaths of the "poor children" who had been forced to join the service to find work in a "depressed" economy.

The 12/7 Committee would have started hearings while American boys were getting ready to invade North Africa. The harping on how the government handled the Pre-war intel while "accidentally" reporting secrets about the ongoing war.

And heaven forbid the present media was able it investigate the interment of Japanese Aliens and Japanese/Americans.

Now why did nothing like this happen then?

Is it just because modern Americans are more likely to be traitors in the way they view the actions of their government?

Or is it the simple fact that all of the policies that lead to WWII and that were part of the way we acted during the war were set in place by an icon of the Left? A man who went into the White House with the avowed purpose to change the way America was governed?

On this day let us remember the men and women who died not just that day, but all the days before and after, so that we could live in a free and prosperous Nation.

Let us also hope that our children's children will know of those sacrifices and of the ones that are being made daily in the current war on Fascism known as the War On Terror.

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