26 May 2005

Law And disorder

This is the last year that I will watch any of the twenty five thousand spin-offs of L&O.

Just look at the plot lines of the season finales of the 3 main editions.

L&O:CI Ripped from the Headlines A bunch of "right wing nuts" murder some judges. The cops go looking for "someone with a Tom Delay shirt" to find the likely suspects. The only problem is that the two big Ripped from the headlines judicial murders had nothing to do with The Vast Right Wing conspiracy (although Katie Couric was very sad to hear that the family of that Chicago Judge was killed by a plain old nut job not a right wing white supremacist group)

L&O:SVU Ripped from the headlines A bunch of cops, who are also recently returned from Army Reserves duty in Afghanistan , start beating and killing their wives and girlfriends. It seems that they were poisoned by the Government and turned into "killers" by their training.

L&O the original Ripped from the headlines At the end of an episode where a mentally unstable person is found guilty of murder (the suicide by car in front of the train story) one of the lead characters drops this bon-monte "Millions for Prisons, nothing for Healthcare."

If I want to watch crap like this I'll rent Bowling For Colombine.

Rant mode on hold.

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Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

Knock knock!! Heloooooo???! Anybody home?

And the newest "entertainment" *cough* abuse....."Oil Storm". I did not watch it (no cable or satellite), but I actually saw previews for it on antenna (rabbit ears) TV and wasn't even LOOKING for Bush bashing. It stuck out like a sore thumb!!! And that was JUST the preview!

Its like the spirit of Michael Mooooore is possessing (not an overly dramatic use of the term, BTW) a whole block of "entertainment" *cough* Moonbats! Like the rabies isn't bad enough.

[Having a thing for all things asymetrical, I just HAD to offset that string of "o"'s on the comments. hehehe]

Hey, but the Eagles concert (as much as I got to see) on NBC the other night was pretty ding-dang good! (~;) It's refreshing seeing musicians/artists who take their craft seriously. The don't seem to give off that prima donna vibe that they've arrived so they don't need to work on their craft any more. Good on em. Take note, semi-talented, overpaid newbies! (~;)